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The butcher, the baker, the candle stick maker…  They’ve all had to become marketers!  If you are too busy managing your BUSINESS to learn how to manage your marketing – we can help!

From strategizing your sales funnel, to maximizing SEO or selecting a niche market – we have packages, coaching options and tips that can keep customers flowing in the door.

Monthly Marketing Coaching

Work with a professional so that you can take advised action on your next steps.  Your 90 min. coaching session can be via Skype or Facebook Video, or you can come to the Brand Ambition Offices.  We’ll work with you to make sure that you are working your plan!  Marching coaching sessions address:

  • Accountability (review from previous session)
  • Identifying revenue & client goals
  • Working backwards to determine required “reach” and marketing budgets
  • Identifying monthly priorities & resolve specific marketing challenges
  • Next Steps (homework or action assignments)

90 Minute Sessions for $149

Its not the plan that’s important, its the planning.

Marketing Plan (Report & Analysis) $399

This plan provides complete review of your business, along with comprehensive recommendations for improvements.  Plan includes:
Marketing Data & Projections
  • Analysis of revenue goals, and related client intake
  • Projects how much to spend on ads & campaigns, in order to meet goals
SWOT Analysis
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats


We review your business and will advise on next steps, changes to business structure, programs that could be added, pricing changes etc.  Wherever we see areas for improvement and change – we give to you.


Target Market / Ideal Client

Get an in-depth report to identify your ideal client & target market.  Data includes recommendations for reaching target audience.

Niche Marketing (Unique Selling Proposition)

This component examines your niche market, and what makes you unique.  If specializing or a re-focusing of product offerings is required it will be outlined.  A 30 second “elevator pitch” for your business can be included as well as recommendations for taglines, selling statements, and or product descriptions that will help to promote your business.

Pricing & Packages Review

Worried your prices are too low?  This offers a detailed report of your pricing and products.  We recommend changes, potential packages, additional programs, etc.

Distribution Analysis

How easy is it to purchase on your e-commerce site?  Can you save money in your product delivery? We analyze your product sales experience – includes evaluation & recommendations

Offers & Promotions

Evaluation of current promotional strategy or creation of a one.  Recommending sales, promotions, give-aways, facebook contests or out-of-the box ways for promoting your business or product.

Marketing Material Review

Evaluation of brochures, business cards, postcards, etc.  We’ll grade your print collateral for constancy and improvements.  Includes detailed recommendations for improvements.

Joint Ventures & Partnerships *Staff Recommended*

Often, this component offers the greatest return.  We identify other businesses, organizations, events and projects that could benefit you and your business.  In some cases we can make connections and give referrals.

Competitor Review

We analyze your business environment and provide a report on who your competitors are, what they are doing, what they are charging, and how you can set yourself apart!

Retention Strategy

Many businesses can increase revenues by as much as 30% be better retaining their existing clients.  We will provide you with strategies and plans for how to best follow up and bring clients back.



6 Month Marketing Calendar $149-399(+)

Added onto the Strategy Package, this easy to follow calendar will help you present yourself online! Stay focused on your marketing message, and plan ahead for campaigns and promotions. (Most businesses will be $149, but if you have extensive programming the report will be more.) Includes:
  • Program & Promotion Dates
  • When to begin Promoting Events or Promotions
  • When to review analytics
  • Important Events & Trade Shows
  • Social Media Calendar (Monthly themes, groups to target, blogging strategies etc.)

SEO & Analytics Report ($199)

Clients ask us all the time “Can you get me on the first page of Google?”  Before we can make any guarantees about that, we need to take a look at your analytics.  Do you know how many people are visiting your website?  Are you using the right key words?  We will review all the data and give you a series of recommendations for improving your ranking.

SEO help

  • Google Analytics review (optional set-up provided)
  • Key word analysis
  • Optimization Review
  • Google Places review
  • Data Summary
  • Recommendations
  • (Please ask your Brand Ambition Consultant for implementation details, or if you require installation of Google Analytics to your site.)

Client Experience Review  ($149+) 

Similar to a “secret shopper” program, an experienced marketer will analyze the process for signing up for your event, or purchasing/experiencing your product.  We’ll identify barriers to entry or flaws in process that may be turning clients off. If your client retention is low, this might be something you want to consider.  Report includes:
  • Evaluation of pre-buying experience
  • Evaluation of buying experience
  • Recommendations

Additional fees may apply depending on location and depth of required review

Working with the staff at Brand Ambition is like having your own personal business muse!  They helped me develop a new sales funnel tool – taking prospective clients through a free “cash diet” challenge on Facebook.  I got two new clients in the first day!  Their skill and vision has helped me to flesh out my own ideas, moving them into reality.

Janet Ries

Money Counsellor, Family Budget Specialist, The Money Counsellor