A Brilliant Combination of Beauty & Strategy For Your Brand

Our company specializes in representing businesses who need beautiful brands.  We use a proven formula to help them become recognized experts in their field.  Our branding studio creates a beautiful foundation that will resonate with your target market and compel them to buy.  We use style, beauty and current trends to build trust & recognition.  Our strategists continue that foundation with a plan that will attract clients, defend your position in the marketplace, and protect you from competition.

We believe deeply in small business, and are committed to your success.  Every member of our team is a woman who left the corporate world to pursue her own dream.  So we understand your experience and will always create a plan that is in alignment with your business vision.


Is your brand beautiful?  In an online world, first impressions with new clients are visual.  Are you making an impact that you can bank on?

Web & Design

Your business collateral online and in print can be lead generation at its finest!  Get the return you should from your marketing materials today!

Social Media

Social media is perceived as “free advertising”.  But business owners know – the learning curve and time investment makes it worth it to get a pro!


The visual nature of social media means that business photography is more important than ever.  Be present on your own website with a styled business shoot.

Small business story title

What’s the magic sauce that makes a business take off?

Katie​ and Kiki asked ​them​selves that question after ​their​ first amazing year growing Brand Ambition. Before starting​​ this business, ​they had done everything. ​Katie​ had a degree in Labour Relations, and ​Kiki​ had one in Criminology. Kiki had been a flight attendant, a waitress, and a wedding blogger. ​Katie​ had been a jewellery store clerk, a recruiter and marketing coordinator at a holistic spa & event centre. Both of ​these ladies​ suffered from that Millennial affliction: ​They​ wanted to make an impact. ​They​ wanted a ​career​ consistent with ​their​ lifestyle, and ​they​ wanted to be creative.

small business partnersThey​ met at a Women’s Networking group in ​their​ home town. ​Katie ​was overwhelmed with marketing work, and Kiki had a f​l​air for dressing up brands – but more importantly – she created a sense of order out of ​Katie’s​ vision. The success of Brand Ambition became an accumulation of all of ​their combined​ experiences. Kiki’s flair for organization, style and customer experience met ​Katie’s​ ability to take risk, strategize and promote. An examination of ​their​ existing networks revealed a community of business owners. They were all entrepreneurs who were looking to achieve success by leveraging their social media, showcasing their expertise and celebrating their beautiful brands.

​”Brand Ambition is 100% about helping other small business owners find the success that​ ​we did. Our team aims to provide the skill sets that will bring balance to YOUR business, so you can take off like we did. Whether it​’​s through coaching, creative design, or a promotion strategy, Brand Ambition wants to make expertise accessible. We want entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best, and let us fill the gaps so they can accelerate”.​​

Brand Ambition’s vision looks toward a vibrant micro-economy of small business owners. A community of entrepreneurs that lead balanced and flexible lifestyles of purpose.

Collaboration, truly is the new BLACK.  We can’t wait to work with you for ALL of our mutual success!”